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Fanfic - Bedside Manner

Finally posting this little story wich I wrote months ago.  Have to thank renjifanfor this because without her help I wouldn't have even a title :).  She was also kind enough to beta it for me but any mistakes you may find are completely my own.

Title - Bedside Manner
Author - Dareetel
Beta - renjifan
Pairing - Renji x Ichigo
Rating - PG-15
Disclaimer - While I wish I did, I don't own Bleach.
Summary - "When will ya get it through yer thick head that ya don’t have to fight this war alone?”

Crossposted to bleach_yaoi



Ok, I know that Thanksgiving is over but it's still the holiday week-end.  Anyway, my in-laws sent me this link that of course made me sniffle.  But I just thought I'd stick it here so that I don't lose it.  Simply because it is a good reminder.  My hubby maybe deployed but at least we still have him with us.  And I am thankful for that every damn day.


I ended up rambling so I stuck it under a cut ya'll wouldn't have to listen to me ramble on about the movie and memories the current song envokes.  Just more Army crap, 'cept it's reminds me how fragile life is.



So, sitting at home feeling like I just spent the last month trying to dig out of a hole.  My hubby went back to Iraq 'bout a month ago and then I hear about a few IEDs in his AO and another of my former troops got hurt.  I thought that I'd gotten used to this being a civilian thing but not sure I'll ever get used to it.  At least, not while the war is going on and I still have guys over there.  Shit, they aren't even mine anymore, haven't been for a few years but I still feel guilty for not being there.  Feel like if I was there I could keep them safe, stupid I know but hey, over 15 years of training isn't going to disappear just because I've been retired for a couple of years.

My boys are having issues with this deployment...and I knew that was going to happen but still feel like I failed them somehow.  Strange how when I was on Active Duty I never worried about them the way I do know that I'm home with them full time. 

Try to tell myself it's better this way, that having one parent in a war zone is bad enough and that they don't need to go through having both parents deployed again but I still hate it.  You know it's bad when you actually miss motor stables.  Never thought I'd miss PMCSing a Hummer.  Ahhh, the spell of MOGAS on a Monday morning.  Gods, I'm pathetic.  Finally went through my uniforms and got rid of most of them.  Found out at Halloween that my 13 year old couldn't fit into my boots.  Made me feel small.  I mean, knew I was short and all but DAMN.

Of course, the silver lining in all this is that I lost weight.  I'm down to my BNCOC weight which makes me happy.  Especially since I had gained weight when hubby came home on leave.  So nice to eat his wonderful cooking again.  That's one of the things I miss the most (well, besides being able to sleep next to him and know he's safe).  He told me he missed cooking too.  He's staying away from the mess hall; oh, excuse me, DFAC.  Can't blame him after what happened in DEC 04.  And then a few days after he came home on leave we get a call saying that this DFAC had been hit.  Think it was a mortar.  At least his not working he's MOS this deployment.  So he's having to deal with the command but not cooking. Thank heavens for small favors.  

OK, think I've done enough whining for the time being.  It's just so hard when almost all my friends are deployed.  At least Desi is gonna be home by Christmas.  She's glad to be coming home but not.  I can understand that since her hubby will still be over there.  But she knows Mo will be ok since my hubby is his PSG.  We take comfort in some of the weirdest things sometimes :P.  Of course, soldiers are just weird like that.  I miss it sooooooo much.  Ok, gonna stop now or I'll start being whiny again :D. 


Fanfic - Live Happy (In rememberance)

Title - Live Happy
Author - Dareetel
Pairing - Renji x Ichigo
Rating - PG-13 - Language, Character Death
Disclaimer - While I wish I did, I don't own Bleach.
Summary - “When one’s Bankai disappears without permission from it’s master…that means the master’s time of death draws near.”

Dedication - To my brothers and sisters in arms.  I miss you guys.

A/N -  This is really short, pretty much written as a "vent" and to help me get through a really long night.  The conversation between Ichigo and Renji, along with Renji's thoughts are derived from actual events.  Please keep that in mind if any of ya'll decide to leave any comments.


Renji turns from dispatching the last of the hollows, just in time to see Ichigo sway and drop Zangetsu, as if the sword was too heavy, even in its smaller Bankai form. Running over to catch the younger shinigami, he pulls him against his chest before he can fall to the ground. Holding his orange-haired lover close, he is shocked to feel the other man’s robes heavy with blood and grimaces as he feels his own robes grow wet. A gasp escapes him as he watches Ichigo’s Bankai slowly fade away. There was something different about it, something not quite right about this release.
“Ichigo,” asks Renji, with fear in his voice, “did you let go of your Bankai?”
Glassy brown eyes stare at him uncomprehendingly, “Wha – Ren?” Ichigo is prevented from further speech as a coughing fit overtakes him. Blood trickles from his mouth when he is done.
“When one’s Bankai disappears without permission from it’s master…that means the master’s time of death draws near.”
Kuchiki Byakuya’s voice rings in Renji’s ears as he sinks to the ground, still holding the smaller man, while setting off the distress flare. Please, he prays silently, see it and get here. I can’t move him myself. He attempts to do some basic first aid that the 4th Division had taught him, but his spirit energy is too low to have any real effect. 
“Hang on, Ichigo, please,” he whispers, holding the slight body close to his, smoothing back the soft hair.
“R-Renji?” asks Ichigo, hand coming up, searching.
“Right here, Ichi,” he answers, grasping the searching hand. “I’ve gotcha. Don’t talk, just –“
“Sorry, Ren,” the other man says weakly. “Didn’t mean for this to happen.” He stops, squeezing his eyes closed against the pain. 
“Baka,” Renji says gently, “Not like ya’ planned this.” He is rewarded with a weak smile before the battered body is wracked with more coughing. More blood trails down the mouth and Renji reaches up to wipe it away without releasing the hand in his. He feels the tremors run through the body in his arms and he tightens the embrace.
“Cold,” gasps out Ichigo.
Fear spikes through Renji as he looks around wildly for sign of the relief team. This is not happening, he tells himself firmly. He is NOT going to die on a goddam battlefield in fuckin’ Hueco Mundo. He feels the tears start to sting his eyes but he refuses to let them fall.
“Promise,” Ichigo’s whisper pulls the red head down to the orange one.  “Promise me…“ Ichigo’s voice trails off.
“What? I’ll promise you anything. Just stay with me, please.”
“To live happy,” the younger shinigami manages to gasp out around the pain.
“Of course I will, Ichigo, we both will,” Renji replies, closing his eyes against the tears. Calm seems to settle around Ichigo and Renji feels the broken body relax in his arms. When he opens his eyes and looks down, his gaze is captured by what he sees in the chocolate brown depths; love and….oh shit…acceptance. 
“Ichi,” he pleads, “hang on, please. Just hang on a little longer.” Where the hell was the relief team?
Ichigo smiles up at Renji and says, “Don’t worry. Doesn’t hurt anymore.” 
Renji doesn’t try to stop the tears anymore as he looks at the smile that never failed to warm him to the core. Ichigo’s smiles had become rarer and rarer as the war with Aizen dragged on. Now, 10 years into the bloody mess, Renji realizes he was about to lose the best thing in his life. 
“Don’t you dare do this,” Renji says in a low, desperate voice. “Don’t you dare fuckin’ die on me, Kurosaki Ichigo.”
Ichigo just smiles again and says in a broken whisper, “Thanks Ren...for... everything.”
“Don’t go,” Renji begs, “Please don’t, please.”
“Aishiteru, Ren,” the words escape Ichigo’s lips on a sigh.
“Love you too, Ichi,” the words break on the sobs that finally escape Renji as he places a gentle kiss on the bloodied lips. The soft smile stays in place as Ichigo’s eyes flutter close. Renji throws his head back, finally allowing his grief and agony to leave his body, as he realizes his lover is gone. 
The tortured cry that cut through the battlefield noise was one that no one could forget, though all wished they could.  The pain and heartbreak in the sound haunted the survivor’s nightmares long after the war ended.


Ok, just need to rant a littlet bit.  Really, REALLY sick of being an Army wife right now.  Tired of being resourceful and strong and just want my GD husband home!  Two vehicles, both with dead batteries and on top of that haven't had a cigarette since sometime yesterday morning.  Nerves are shot.  And really don't want to deal with the whiny wives calling me up right now.  Definately gong to resign from the FRG, just don't have the patience to deal with it all right now.

Probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't so pissed about not being over there myself.  15 years of leading troops and then I'm supposed to just sit back and let someone else take care of them?  Bullshit!  Those are my guys and my responsibilitiy and I HATE the idea of someone else leading them.  They don't know these guys like I do, their strengths and weaknesses.  

Actually, think I'm going to go write - - maybe if I can make a perfect world in my head the real one won't seem so screwed up.  Just needed to vent a little, sorry if anyone got offended.



Title - Rain
Author - Dareetel
Pairing - Renji x Ichigo
Rating - NC-17 for smut
Summary - He hates the rain. He’s never actually come out and said it but his body language screams it.
Spoilers - NONE - But if you are famaliar with Ch 17 - 25 of the Manga and/or Ep. 7 -10 of the Anime, this may make a bit more sense.
Disclaimer - Well, I don't own Bleach - just borrowing the guys and having them dance to my tune

- So, taking a chance and posting my second RenIchi fic.  Another first for me though, because I've never before written any...uhm...smut I'll call it.  Let me know what you think and how I can improve, please.  Hope you enjoy my little story.  

He hates the rain. He’s never actually come out and said it but his body language screams it. Besides, it’s only on rainy days that he really makes an effort at hiding his reiatsu. He’s gotten really good at controlling it over the years. I think the war helped, one of the few good things to come out of the war. Well, that and us. But no matter how hard he locks down on his spirit energy, I can still feel it. I’m probably the only one who can, since his reiatsu is as familiar to me, now, as my own. 
Like right now, he’s trying to lock it down completely. Usually, if we are together and it’s not raining, a little bit of his energy mixes with mine. However, today, even though I am sitting on the couch with him, I feel a little bit lonely, missing that mixing of our energy. I glance over at him and can’t help but give a little smile. He is so damn sexy, even when he is upset. He’s changed since the first time that I met him. The obvious changes are the physical ones. He’s gotten taller, only about an inch or two shorter than my own 6 foot 2 inches. He has also put on extra pounds to match the extra inches. But he’s still lean, not bulky. He’s not a brash young rookie anymore, the war hardened him, tempered him. Going to war when you are still a teen-ager does that to you, I guess, but he’d probably tell you that it changed me, too. But facing a war together helps strip away pretenses. Knowing that each time you go into battle may be the last time you can talk to your best friend forces honesty between people. I doubt that I would’ve ever had the courage to tell him how I felt if we hadn’t been facing life and death situations with surprising regularity. I was just a lucky enough bastard to find out the object of my affections happened to return them. Eight years later, I still can’t believe my good luck.
I hate when it rains because I hate the way it makes him feel. Right now, he’s sitting in a corner of the couch, pretending to read a magazine. But he’s not really paying attention to the pages. I watch as his hand comes up to run through his spiky, orange hair. A habit he does when he’s upset or tense. I see the small shiver run through his body. It could be a hundred degrees out, but when it rains he gets cold. Like now, he’s in faded jeans and a sweatshirt and I see another shiver run through him. I hate seeing that, but I know how to fix it.
“Ichigo,” I call softly. 
He looks up at me, a sort of far away look in his chocolate brown eyes. He doesn’t say anything, just barely tilts his head in inquiry. I reach out and grab one of his hands, calloused from years of handling a sword. I tug on it gently and he slides closer to me. When he’s pressed up against me, I put my arms around him, pulling him until he’s actually sitting in my lap. I hear the soft sigh as he curls up against my chest, head tucked under my chin. I nuzzle the soft strands of hair, breathing in the scent. I always tease him that no matter what shampoo he uses he always smells faintly of strawberries. I tighten my arms around him as he idly lifts one hand to play with my hair. I’ve left it loose today since we have the day off. For some reason the vibrant red shade of my hair has always fascinated him.   I can’t help the small sigh that escapes me as he runs his fingers through the long strands. I’m sucker for anyone playing with my hair and he well knows it. I feel the little smirk on his lips as he gently kisses the skin on my neck. Then his tongue starts to trace the tattoos on my skin and I arch my neck to allow him better access. Little shivers run through my body when he captures my earlobe gently between his teeth and I can feel more than hear his chuckle when the breath escapes my body as a low moan. Ok, he wants to play that way, huh? I can play that game, too. He is startled when I get to my feet, still holding him and make my way to our bedroom. I hear him chuckling again, only it’s lower, huskier. Yeah, I’ll distract him from the rain this afternoon.

The rain fell heavily on the roof of the small house. But the two lovers, buried in each other in the bedroom were oblivious to it. Lean, muscled bodies reflect the grey, afternoon light that filtered in through the window.  Long, crimson hair fell over lean stomach muscles as Renji’s mouth trailed kisses down Ichigo’s chest. He lets out a small gasp of pleasure as his small, brown nipple is taken into Renji’s mouth. The moist heat of the mouth with the tongue rolling it between teeth that gently nips it. The sensation sends tiny shivers through his body. The look in Renji’s eyes as he glances up into the slightly flushed face can only be described as hungry. He keeps his gaze locked with his lover’s as he slowly kisses his way to the other small nub, grinning at the moan pulled from the body beneath his as his mouth latches on. 

“Renji,” Ichigo’s voice is low as he pulls the red head up to his mouth. He traces the lips against his lightly with his tongue, gently biting on the lower lip before plunging into the waiting warmth of the other man’s mouth. Tongues duel, taste as Ichigo wraps his arms around Renji’s shoulders, pulling him closer. Warm breath ghosts over his ear before he feels the nips and sucks as Renji’s mouth works its way from his jaw to collarbone. He groans as he feels his erection rubbing against his lover’s. His hips arch up, trying to bring their bodies even closer together. His head falls back, granting greater access to his throat. 
“You are so fuckin’ sexy when you are turned on, “ Renji says in a husky voice. Then it’s his turn to gasp in pleasure as he feels long, slim fingers wrap around his cock. A low moan is cut off as Ichigo grabs Renji’s mouth with his for another searing kiss. 
Kissing his way from the mouth to the toned chest, down the belly, muscles rippling underneath in pleasure; Renji gives a mischievous grin before running his tongue the length of Ichigo’s erection. A quick smirk before the moist heat of his mouth engulfs the throbbing cock.
“Ahh…Ren-ji…shit,” Ichigo groans, fisting his hands in the silky red strands. He gazes with half-lidded eyes at the mouth sliding up and down. He fights to keep from thrusting into the delicious heat of the mouth surrounding him. Renji keeps his mouth on Ichigo’s throbbing erection as he reaches for a bottle on the nightstand. Pouring the slick substance in his hand, he coats his fingers with it. 
Another groan is pulled from Ichigo’s throat as Renji massages his entrance with one slick finger.
“Ren…gonna…please,” Ichigo gasps as he tugs lightly on Renji’s hair, bringing him back to his mouth.  
Ichigo pulls a moan from his lover as his mouth nibbles on the earlobe, grinning slightly as Renji turns his head to grant him better access; he closes his eyes briefly as he feels one longer finger slip inside him. 
Renji grins at the sight of the orange head thrown back as a second finger joins the first, brushing over that one spot. Pure, white, hot pleasure washes over Ichigo and his yell is choked off in his throat.
Renji bends down to capture the kiss swollen lips, thrusting his tongue into the other mouth in time to the thrusts of his fingers. Every now and then he brushes over that tiny bundle of nerves. He slips a third finger in as Ichigo arches up to rub their erections together, his breath comes harder and faster than before.
“Need you now,” he demands. Feeling his own need growing Renji doesn’t offer any resistance. Shifting so that he is between his lover’s legs, he quickly rubs the lube over his erection before shifting to nudge at the waiting entrance. He slides into the velvet heat with a groan, gripping the slim hips under him he holds himself still. Ichigo keeps his gaze locked on his lover’s face, loving the play of emotions that flicker over it. Once adjusted to the fullness inside him, he lifts his hips in silent invitation.
“Gods, Ichii….so fuckin’ tight…every time,” gasps Renji, losing himself in the tight heat that surrounds his cock. Ichigo wraps his legs around Renji’s waist and his arms around his shoulders pulling him close.  Renji angles his thrusts to hit that spot perfectly as he snakes a hand between the two sweat-slick bodies. Grabbing Ichigo’s throbbing member, Renji strokes in time with his own thrusts.
The feel of his lover’s hand on him, of his cock inside him, has Ichigo writhing in pleasure under the larger body. He feels the tension slowly coiling in the pit of his stomach as every thrust sends him closer. He hears Renji saying, groaning, his name and he finds himself right on the edge.
“Ren…gonna…now,” he gasps. One more perfectly angled thrust has Ichigo shouting his lover’s name in his release. Feeling the muscles clench around him as his lover’s orgasm runs through him is all that Renji needs to push him over the edge. One last, hard thrust and he is spilling himself deep in his lover, Ichigo’s name torn from his throat. 
Breathing in short, harsh pants, Renji slips out of Ichigo and collapses next him. They lie together quietly as their breathing evens out and they slowly come down from the post-orgasmic euphoria. When Renji can move, he turns on his side, pulling Ichigo close to his chest. Ichigo leans back into the larger body, tucking his head under Renji’s chin. It’s his favorite position. Renji snakes one arm over the trim waist, pulling him closer. The other arm pulls the covers up over them.
“Love you, Ichii,” Renji says softly, rubbing his chin in the orange hair beneath him. Ichigo is quiet for so long that Renji figures he’d fallen asleep.
“Love ya’ too, Ren,” Ichigo says, barely above a whisper. He snuggles deeper into the embrace. Just before falling asleep, he murmurs, “Think it’s finally stopped raining.”
Renji listens hard for a minute before smiling and drifting off to sleep.  It had stopped raining.


In Sickness...

Title - In Sickness...
Author - Dareetel
Pairing - Renji x Ichigo
Rating - Probably M for language mostly
Summary - What happens when Ichigo gets sick?
Disclaimer - Well, I don't own Bleach - but if I did, thses two would be too busy doing other things to do any fighting :)
A/N - Well, here it is, my very first fanfic.  I enjoyed reading so many wonderful fanfics that I figured Id go ahead try my hand at one.  It has been quite awhile since I sat down to write anything and this is quite a diffrent type of writing then what I did many years ago - Hope you enjoy!  Please comment with anyway I can improve this and the others that I've already started.  Thanks

Ichigo stumbles slightly as he lands after striking the killing blow. Noticing it, Renji frowns in concern. The hollow hadn’t been particularly strong and the fight ended fairly quickly, there was no reason that Renji could discern for Ichigo to be as fatigued as he seems. Walking over to his orange-haired lover, Renji allows his gaze to sweep over the lithe body, searching for an injury he may have missed the younger shinigami receiving during the fight. Seeing none, his frown deepens. He was startled when Ichigo started to sway and he would’ve fallen if Renji hadn’t grabbed him and pulled his smaller body firmly against his own. 
“Gomen, Ren,” he says, leaning heavily against the red-headed shinigami, “I don’t feel…“ Ichigo broke off what he was about to say to quickly pull away from Renji, falling to his knees and retching up what little food there was in his stomach.   Renji knelt next to him, supporting him and whispering soothing words quietly in his ear, until Ichigo climbs shakily to his feet. Renji takes in the pale face and too bright eyes, the sweat breaking out the forehead and feels his gut twist in worry.
“Ichii,” he asks, unable to keep the concern from his voice, “Did you get hit by that hollow or something?” Ichigo mumbles something Renji can’t make out, leaning even more into the older man. Unable to tell what is wrong with the shinigami representative, he makes a quick decision and sweeps the smaller man up into his arms. Ichigo had grown some since Renji had first met him, but he still had at least five inches on him and about 40 pounds. Even with the large zanpaktou the teen was holding in his arms, he was an easy burden for Renji to carry. Renji slips into shunpo, heading to Urahara’s, he could probably tell what was wrong with Ichigo. 
Yelling for Urahara, Renji stops just inside the shop, blinking to adjust his eyes to the dimness after being in the bright light of outside. Whatever smart remark the former 12th Division captain was about to say dies on his lips when he looks at the two shinigami in front of him.
“What happened?” the blonde man asks, with uncharacteristic seriousness. “The hollow didn’t seem that strong from what I could sense.”
“It wasn’t,” Renji replies, as he follows the other man to the room used to treat injuries. “He finished him off quickly, and then almost passed out before throwing up his lunch.” 
Renji gently places the teen down and moved out of the way as the other man knelt down next to Ichigo.  He runs a quick, assessing gaze over the limp body. Placing his hand on the sweaty forehead, while the other hand felt for his pulse, the shopkeeper allowed a small smile to quirk on his lips. Sitting back on his heels, he looks at the 6th Division’s fukataichou from beneath the brim of his trademark green and white hat, his usual good humor restored as he gives a small chuckle. That pisses Renji off.
“I don’t find anythin’ to fuckin’ laugh at, Urahara,” Renji says with a low growl.
Undeterred, the older shinigami doesn’t even try to keep the amusement from his voice as he answers, “It’s nothing very serious, Abarai-san, it just seems that our young friend more than likely has the flu.” 
He chuckles at the confused look on Renji’s face. “Remember, Kurosaki-kun is human. That means he is vulnerable to human illnesses.” Some of the amusement left his voice as he continues, “He has a high fever and he is going to feel downright miserable for several days, but this is nothing that a few days in bed shouldn’t clear up. And I mean a few days in bed resting.”
 He places gentle emphasis on the last word and then laughs again at the blush staining the other shinigami’s face. Urahara rises to his feet and says over his shoulder, as he reaches into one of the cabinets lining the wall, “Take him home, give him two of these every four to six hours until his fever breaks and make sure he drinks plenty of fluids.” He hands the small, white bottle to Renji.
Urahara pauses at the door way and asks in a slightly more serious tone, “Is Isshin home?”
Renji doesn’t look up from gathering the sleeping Ichigo in his arms, “No, he and the girls are out of town visiting relatives for a week or two.”
Reaching into a second cabinet, Urahara pulls out another bottle, “Shame since Isshin is a doctor, but no worries. If Ichigo starts coughing, just give him this, the directions are on the bottle. At any time you think he is getting worse or you don’t think he has improved in a couple of days, bring him back here.” Then the former captain was gone.

A sick Ichigo means a very miserable Renji.  Rukia laughs at the scene playing out in front of her as she leans in the doorway of Ichigo’s room.  Renji trying to coax more pills down the stubborn throat of an indignant Ichigo. The look on Ichigo’s face would be called a pout on anyone else.
“I’m fine,” sniffs Ichigo, turning his head away from the tablets in Renji’s hand. His hands stay fisted in the rumpled covers lying pooled at his waist.
“You are not fine,” says an exasperated Renji. “I just took your temperature and you still have a fever. Just take the damn pills already and quit yer bitchin’!”
Rukia, taking pity on Renji, walks over to the bed. She plucks the tablets from his hand and then pops them in the mouth Ichigo has opened to respond to Renji. Holding her slim fingers under the younger shinigami’s chin, she forces his mouth closed. Gesturing Renji for the glass of water, she says “Ichigo, you can let those pills melt on your tongue which is probably a disgusting taste or I’ll let you have some water to wash them down if you promise not to spit them out.” Ignoring the narrowing of fever bright chocolate brown eyes, she waits for the nod that she knows will come. Once she sees it, she hands the water glass to him.
“Gah!!” he shudders, “that was the grossest taste, Rukia!”
Ignoring the death glare the shinigami representative is sending her way, she responds calmly, “You could’ve prevented that if you had just been reasonable and taken the pills on your own.”
A sheepish look crosses Ichigo’s flushed face as he leans back against his headboard. “Yeah, you are right,” he says weakly, the fight gone out of him. He shudders again, although he’s not sure if it’s from the chill he feels or the nasty taste still in his mouth. He feels his chest tighten and when he tries to take a deep breath it turns into a nasty coughing fit. Seeing the concern in his lover’s eyes, this time he takes the offered medicine without a fuss.
“Thanks, Renji,” he says softly, handing him back the empty glass of water that had appeared to help wash away the taste of the cough medicine. He leans into the caress as he feels Renji’s fingers gently smoothing his hair off his hot forehead.
“Lie down and try to sleep,” Renji says, gruffly but not unkindly, “I’m going downstairs to make some dinner. C’mon, Rukia.” 
Turning on his side, facing the wall, Ichigo listens to the other two leave the room. Hearing their steps fading away, he groans out loud. He feels like shit, not only because he doesn’t feel well but because he is also taking his frustration out on the one person who is doing all he can to try and help him feel better. “I’ll apologize to Ren later,” he thinks to himself before falling into the comforting darkness calling him.
Ichigo wakes with a start several hours later, struggling to shake off hazy, fever-induced dreams. Pulling himself up to a sitting position with a small groan – Damn but his body aches – he reaches for the glass of water on his nightstand. As he turns, he feels a pang of guilt as he sees Renji sitting in the chair next to his bed, illuminated by the small lamp on his desk.  Renji had fallen asleep, his crimson hair down, it softly framing his face, the magazine he had been reading still open on his lap. Noticing the slight frown on the sleeping face, Ichigo reaches over to gently caress the furrowed brow.  He closes his eyes, relishing how cool the skin feels beneath his fingers.
Ichigo opens his eyes to see a steady amber gaze on his face. He gives the other man a slight smile as he scoots over closer to the wall.
 “Lie down with me Renji?” he asks softly. Sensing Renji’s hesitation he says, trying to keep the pleading out of his voice, “Please?”
As Renji nods, Ichigo can’t help the small, satisfied smirk that appears, eyes drinking in his lover’s body as the older man changes into a pair of light cotton sleep pants. His eyes slip shut as he feels a large, battle roughened hand gently placed on his forehead. He takes the tablets that appear without a fuss, his eyes never leaving the other man’s face. Handing back the empty glass, he scoots over a little more to make room for the larger body as he feels the mattress give under the extra weight. He snuggles into the comforting embrace of the older shinigami, a sigh of contentment escaping his lips.
“Sorry for being such pain,” he says quietly, a few minutes later. He unconsciously leans into the hand that is running through his orange locks.
“S’ok, Ichii, I know that it’s ‘cause you aren’t feeling well. It’s just hard ‘cuz I hate seeing you like this and not being able to do anything. It’s so damn frustrating,” Renji answers just a quietly.
Ichigo gives a rueful chuckle at Renji’s candid admission and leans farther back into the solid body behind him. He tucks his head further under his lover’s chin, feeling the strong arms tighten around him, protectively, possessively. Renji’s skin feels nice and cool where it touches his own fevered skin.
“Aishiteru, Ren,” he whispers, just as sleep overtakes him.
Renji smiles as he nuzzles the soft, orange hair of the smaller man. “I love you, too, Ichii,” he says as he follows his lover into sleep.



All characters depicted in sexual situations in any of the posted Fanfics(including material in the comments) are fictional and are intended to be and considered to be by the author of said material of the legal age of consent in the United States state of California, regardless of what age these characters may be in the material they are derived from.

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